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The Champ Era brand was originated with one goal in mind… to educate. Conventional wisdom and societal norms have created restricted forms of educating the masses. Subscribing to the status quo has led many to doubt their own consciousness and interests to conform to a standardized method of learning.

The Champ Era brand is the antithesis of this notion. We are “CHAMP-ions” seeking a more significant lifestyle, experience, and remain open to being evaluated through many mediums. Our mission is to eradicate the belief that we are restricted in the way we learn and process information. Here, the classroom is a canvas, apparel, music, and film. We seek to utilize the arts in conjunction with materialism and consumption as a means of conveying historical and relevant messages. Our goal is to use our classrooms to “meet people where they are at” but not leave them there! It is an educational experience through art and experiences.